2012-05-14 12:27:08 by synistergate

after a long time. i'm going to return and post all new stuff! thanks for your support

New soon

2011-02-19 12:16:00 by synistergate

i'll do something new soon. i'll go in studio to do something more professionnal. Some Friend will help with vocal's project in my future song. But the studio is not ready yet. (under construction) I hope it'll be ready soon.

So now, Let's have some fun for remix some game's song. X)

My first comment!

2009-04-09 22:44:52 by synistergate


1. All people must know, I'm a french of Québec. So, sorry for my broken english. But i have a lesson it's why i'm not so bad.

2. I think all people on newground do a great job ( it's général )
3. i will submit content soon for entry in the competition !!!